4 LGBT Issues to Focus on Now That We Have Marriage Equality

Same sex marriage legally is a great victory in the world’s history. Still American LGBT faces many cases of discrimination based on this. Due to this they end up leading a very poor life. The society is not ready to accept them legally and they have already made choices in their life. Even though the Supreme Court is in favor of LGBT marriages but still there are many people who are against this.

4 LGBT Issues to Focus on Now That We Have Marriage Equality:

1). Violence- Many of the Transgenders have to face much violence in their day to day life. Some in the family some in their social life. They are treated in such a way as if they are a curse to the society. As compared to straight people they face many problems. As per the FBI 21% of the world faces sexual harassment and ill-treatment. This problem is growing rapidly these days. Transgender women have faced 50% of homicide cases. Seven transgender women were murdered in the United States in just one month span. One of the major reasons behind all the disturbance is just that they are LGBT. This means there must be nearly one murder a british-riots-spread-on-third-night-of-violenceweek.

2). Discrimination in employment– As per the latest survey done, LGBT were found saying that their employer treated them badly just because they were Transgenders. It is true that they are treated very badly in offices and workplaces. Most of them do not get promotions just because of this this is a real scene of inequality. They are very ill treated and sexually harassed. 47% of the world’s population say that they were fired only on this ground that they were LGBT. This rate goes high day by day and it is almost unmanageable. They are distinguished on the basis of colors too.

3). Poverty– There is much poverty in the world due to this social discrimination. Many researches have proved that this kind of discrimination has adverse effect on the economy of the country. All the poor Transgenders are getting poorer day by day. They do not have any source of earning.This leads to homelessness, poor health and imbalanced economy of the country. Rather than judging on their gender they should be judged based on their working ability. Their life has become very miserable after such discriminations made.

4). Health Care- By facing social discrimination LGBT community has become very disheartened and they are gradually loosing their health.

Ecstatic group of doctors.

They do not even have enough money to do their treatment. As compared to straight people, transgender are more likely to face certain health issues. They need complete and good care as they are prone to some chronic diseases.

Since the government have approved for the marriage equalities these were some points that have to be taken care of. These are some of the major issues they face. Apart from these they face some cases of abuse and harassment every now and then. These issues are to be handled very carefully.


LGBT is referred as Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and is an initiative taken by the US government as the reserved rights. Every person on the planet have sexual desires and some people love similar gender. It is a shared fact that discrimination against members of the homosexual women, homosexual men, ambi-sexual and laypersons society, based on sexual desire and/ or gender similarity, is an issue which surpasses that community and affects others too.

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