8 Major Obstacles to Equality That LGBT Americans Still Face


LGBT Americans stands for Lesbians, Gays, bisexual and transgender Americans. LGBT rights in the United States got legalized on 26th June, 2003.The passing of this right meant that sexual activity between the people of the same gender and having a relationship with the people of the same gender is legally accepted.Though LGBT laws that are related to anti-discrimination and family issues may still differ from state to state. This law was accepted by many people, happily with parades going all over the state, but there are certain issues related to this law that needs to be figured out.

Though marrying in the same gender came as a big victory to all the people around in the world , but, 5fe1a6359c0fd24f241d27b4d40ca46bLGBT rights are more than just marrying in the same gender. LGBT Americans still face lots of inequality issues, high rate of violence, poverty and racial discrimination. About 20 states and still counting now have recognized marriages in the same gender, but still LGBT Americans face a number of problems on a daily basis.

Issues that LGBT Americans face

  1. LGBT Americans, mostly get fired off their jobs

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it will come as a surprise to you that LGBT Americans don’t have any employment laws that protect them. They can be fired anytime due to their sexual choices of gender.No Employment Non-Discrimination Act has been passed yet regarding this concern.

  1. LGBT Americans are denied public accommodations

rochester_americans-svgDue to their gender identity, they are denied certain public accommodations like ordering customized goods for themselves or getting admitted to work in a movie theatre. None of the 29 states have a law to protect the LGBT Americans.

  1. About more than 20 states still don’t have protection against gender identity and sexual preferences

Despite of Hate Crime Prevention Act being passed, in about more than 20 states there is still no protected law for people who are not heterosexual. Non-cisgender.

  1. Gays that are sexually active cannot donate their blood

The Food and Drug Administration has lifetime banned sexually active gay men for blood band donation.But now, the FDA is considering to remove this ban as two largest blood banks have opposed this act and also because blood banks faces lots of supply shortages.This policy of banning is a very homophobic act.

  1. Consensual sex is still considered illegal in some states

About 12 states still ban anal sex and some states gay men are still arrested and accused of simply having sex.

  1. Same-sex parents are not given the custody rights

Most of the states still don’t give the custody rights to the second spouse as a parent in a same-sex marriage. Most of the cases this happens because the same sex marriage is still not legally 21618005_mlrecognized.

  1. LGBT Americans are not accepted by most of the religions

LGBT Americans are told that their sexual acts, and expressions are against the god and they are boycotted from all the religious practices. Even heterosexual religious leaders  that support gay marriages get to face awful consequences.

  1. Sex Education doesn’t include about gays and lesbians

In most of the schools, the students aren’t told about sexual feeling one can develop for the people of the same sex. This in a way portrays that these matters are still a matter of embarrassment for people and can’t be discussed in public.

Despite so many laws passed, they are many same gender couples that still struggle daily and face a lot of problems.So, LGBT Americans should be treated like normal persons only and should be accountable for each and every human right.

LGBT is referred as Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and is an initiative taken by the US government as the reserved rights. Every person on the planet have sexual desires and some people love similar gender. It is a shared fact that discrimination against members of the homosexual women, homosexual men, ambi-sexual and laypersons society, based on sexual desire and/ or gender similarity, is an issue which surpasses that community and affects others too.

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