Beyond Stereotypes: Poverty in the LGBT Community

LGBT couples are struggling worldwide to find their own identity and some respect. After enduring a lot, now few couples successfully get the acceptances while some are still fighting with their financial conditions due to social rejection. This fact shouldn’t be so surprising as they are born in every type of the family.

Economical condition of LGBT community

cost-effectiveLGBT people face different hurdles in the society due to their sexual identity. There are many problems such as harassment, homeless at the young age, inequality in school-college and workplace are the major reasons behind their poor economic conditions. Here are some facts of LGBT poverty.

  • Lesbians: In the United States, there are around 9 million LGBT people. Almost half of this number is bisexual women and lesbian. More than 24% lesbians and bisexual ladies are in such a poor condition. However, 19% heterosexual women are poor. They not only face issues in their own homes, but also face discrimination in the schools and workplaces too. They also get the lowest wages than other women. It is the major reason behind their poor financial condition.
  • Young and older LGBT: Not only lesbians, but LGBT people of different ages are economically weak. A study of the US says that around 1.6 million people experience homelessness and around 20-40% are from the LGBT community. According to a survey, 28% LGBT couples are disabled, 6% are receiving medication for their illness from the government due to low-income sources and around 7% couples are 65 or above the age.
  • p748246285-5Different couples of color: In 2000, Williams Institute analyzed the conditions of the LGBT community. In their analysis, they found that out of 8, one couple is people of color. African-American LGBT couples are poorer than the married heterosexual African-American couples. Non-American LGBT couples are poorer than the white LGBT couples.
  • Parents and their children: Around 17% of the LGBT couples are lifting their “own” kids now. An Institute of America did a research and have constantly revealed that kids of the LGBT couples have more deficiency rates than the children of heterosexual married couples. For these LGBT poor families, being deprived of the lawful defenses and financial protection offered to wedded couples and parents and kids could put into superior scarcity rates.labordiscrimination
  • Transgender or transsexual people: A national transgender discrimination survey was conducted by an organization to figure out the financial conditions of the transgender people. The results are quite shocking. They are 4 times as possibly to have a household earning under $10,000 and two times as probably to be without a job as the usual individual in the United States 90% of those surveyed informed that they faced mistreatment, harassment or inequity in the workplace due to such sexual orientation. Approximately one in five informed being on the streets at some specific point of times in their lives.

Everyone should understand that LGBT couples are also human beings exactly like us. We should treat them appropriately because they also have the rights to spend their lives in peace. It’s time to break the myths and give them equal rights so that they don’t feel ignored and isolated.


LGBT is referred as Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and is an initiative taken by the US government as the reserved rights. Every person on the planet have sexual desires and some people love similar gender. It is a shared fact that discrimination against members of the homosexual women, homosexual men, ambi-sexual and laypersons society, based on sexual desire and/ or gender similarity, is an issue which surpasses that community and affects others too.

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