History Of Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Social Movements In The US

The United States is the superpower. There are so many burning topics to discuss. Among all, LGBT movement is the hottest one. LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender movements started in the initial years of the 20th Century. The movements have been influential globally in getting communal development for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender or transsexual people. The complete movement has come across with so many ups and downs during the progression.

Early history:

lgbt_employment_discrimination_law_in_the_united_states-svgThe LGBT movement was started for the complete recognition of LGBT people in society. It was a social movement and complete political ideology. Social equity was the only aim of this worldwide movement that began from the United States in the year of 1988.

After facing so many years of inequity and unimportance from other civilization, these LGBT people are struggling to get same rights like others. Marriage right is one of the major points of this particular movement. The United States has been more approachable to this LGBT movement than other countries, but inequity is still controlling many people’s philosophies and point of views.

21st Century and the present scenario of LGBT movement:

After so many ups and downs, the face of LGBT movement has been changed a lot. It was started in the 20th century and the fight for the equality is still going on. The movement is in the 21st century now and challenges are almost same in many countries even in the United States. However, this century became a gradually more significant time for this movement and the rights of the LGBT community. In the year of 2004, Massachusetts became the first state in the United States to authorize and subject wedding licenses for same-sex or LGBT couples. A year before, the Supreme Court of the country lined in the matter of ‘Lawrence V Texas’ that consensual sexual actions between mature people were sheltered in the 14th Amendment. Hence, each anti-sodomy law in the country was delivered unlawfully.

Situations between 2008-till now:

The remarkable turn of the entire movement came in the year of 2008 when the supreme court of California state underlined that earlier suggestion, which expelled the validation of same-sex or LGBT marriage in the state California was illegal under the constitution of the United States. Around 18,000 LGBT couples then got the lawful licenses from the center_homepage_2May to November in the same year. On the other hand, another state was banned the LGBT marriages. That notification gained so much protest and a huge number of legal fights.

The main turning point came across at the beginning of 2010 when the cases of suicides among the LGBT teenagers and children rise due to bullying and insults. Many NGO’s and activists raised their voice regarding this issue. ‘Dave Savage’ founded ‘it gets better project’ for the better conditions of LGBT teenagers and children in public schools and college. It was one of the most successful projects. 2015 was the most remarkable year for the movement as the Supreme Court legalized the LGBT marriages nationally.

The battle of LGBT rights will not end here. It is just a beginning. There are many issues in the pathway of the success. Hope they all will resolve soon.

LGBT is referred as Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and is an initiative taken by the US government as the reserved rights. Every person on the planet have sexual desires and some people love similar gender. It is a shared fact that discrimination against members of the homosexual women, homosexual men, ambi-sexual and laypersons society, based on sexual desire and/ or gender similarity, is an issue which surpasses that community and affects others too.

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