Why do you feel to write about LGBT?

Writing about LGBT is not a myth, although the content about LGBT is not for the underage people but still I wrote this article for the information. I wanted the world to know about the LGBT and rights in the America. Mostly the world thinks that the same sex is against the nature law but to some extinct if you feel the emotions of the people that are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual then you might understand the importance of LGBT.

What does LGBT mean?

LGBT is the short form of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The term is the short form in English language while different languages uses different words for the people who love to have relationship with same sexes. These people suffer many difficulties in the societies as the society does not accept this reality and to the society, it is a harsh reality and it should be eliminated from the society. In America, the LGBT have their proper rights and can do a same sex marriage with proper rights.

What does the term queer in your article mean?

The term “Queer” used in my article is a political umbrella term and it is used for the bisexual, lesbian, transgender and gay people. It is not only a political statement but the term is also used for the sexual orientation. It breaks the dual thoughts by distinguishing sexual orientation of both genders alongside gender identity. Although the percentage of gay, lesbian and bisexual are less according to the population of the world but still they do exists and they do have the rights in America.

What is sexual Orientation?

The term means person getting attracted romantically, emotionally and physically towards the other person. Sexual orientation exists in every single person on earth and it is integrated by the person’s characteristics. Gay men are attracted by or towards men and the lesbian women gets attracted by or towards women. In short sexual orientation do not care about the gender or the preposition opposites attract each other is not in the case of sexual orientation.

What does gender identity means?

Gender identity is the sense that a person feels about him or herself. On birth, every baby has the identity as male or female but sometimes in case of transgender, the boy sense the feeling of girl in him and a girl sense the feelings of boy in her. It means gender identity assigned at the time of birth is not the gender identity but it is the identity, which a gender feels about him or her inside.