What’s next: 7 Issues Facing The LGBT Community After Marriage Equality

LGBT Americans stands for Lesbians, Gays, bisexual and transgender Americans.LGBT rights were passed in the United States on 26th June, 2003.By passing of this right, it meant that sexual activity between the people of the same gender and having a relationship with the people of the same gender was now legally acceptable. This law was seen being accepted by many people , but still there are lots of issues that LGBT Americans tend to face.

LGBT rights are just not only the rights given to marry the person you love of the same gender. LGBT Americans should be provided with enough justice related to many problem they get to face on a daily basis in life.

Issues that LGBT Americans face other than marriage equality

  1. The Discrimination faced by LGBT Americanspapaver in High Wood

Only about 22 states have made discrimination on the basis of sexual preferences. In many states, gay couples get married in the morning and by afternoon or evening they get fired or evicted.

  1. More suicide rate in LGBT Youth

Among the Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders and bisexual, the suicide rate is almost four times more as compared to the straight youth.

3 . Most of the LGBT Americans are homelesse76cf-afcrallyoctober20112b021a

Around 40% of the American youth that is homeless is recognized as LGBT.68% of the kids that are thrown out of their homes by families are because of their sexual nature and gender preferences.All these incidents lead to many physical, mental and health issues on the minds of the LGBT youth.

4.There should be trans-equality among LGBT Americans

Though there is a huge amount of trans awareness , but no awareness helps when it comes to taking political actions. The government has to work on many issues like update of birth certificates and other needed documents. All this should be done with the help and concern of the community as well.It should be made sure that discrimination laws contain gender identities as well as various sexual preferences.

  1. Violences issues that LGBT face

Violence is experienced at a much higher rate by LGBT Americans than heterosexual people.FBI reports that more than 20% of the hate crimes that have been reported , the reasons for them have been because of sexual orientation and gender identity. Police departments around the country need training in order to prevent the LGBT victims.

  1. LGBT faces issues while adopting a child

willowfamily-3326-recoveredThought LGBT marriage has been approved, but still there are still some barriers in every states that they have to face. If a same gender couple wants to adopt a child they can’t as in many states child custody rights are not provided to the second spouse of the same gender.They should definitely be provided this right as there have been studies that show that its not necessary that a child needs a mom and dad, he/she only needs a loving home.

  1. Justice should be provided to LGBT

Many transgender people live in poverty, almost four times that of the rate of heterosexuals. LGBT people earn an income of about less than $10,000 per annum. Also, they are constantly abused, criticized, assaulted, harassed and even their families cut off from them. There should be a realization among the people that they have to accept, bring and be the change. Justice should be provided to LGBT Americans, they haven’t committed any crime that they have to be treated this way.

These are some of the few issues that should be focused on. Only passing a law won’t help, various people, communities and government should accept these and give LGBT the rights that they deserve.

LGBT is referred as Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and is an initiative taken by the US government as the reserved rights. Every person on the planet have sexual desires and some people love similar gender. It is a shared fact that discrimination against members of the homosexual women, homosexual men, ambi-sexual and laypersons society, based on sexual desire and/ or gender similarity, is an issue which surpasses that community and affects others too.

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